Monday, July 12, 2010

Demo of Sony's 3D TV

Well, on our way back from Kodai on 30th June, our flight was via Bangalore with halt of 3 hours. Sony's new 3D TV was on demo at Bangalore airport. This TV is not yet launched in Indian market at time of this writing. This T.V. got 2D as well as 3D modes & comes with eye glasses to view picture in 3D mode. It was an exciting first experience of seeing 3D picture in regular large size T.V. When we inquired whether it automatically converts 2D picture into 3D compatible form, the guy was not very sure. If thats the case then probably it will surely hit the market as obviously people will prefer 3D versus 2D if comes in same price range. It can be the next future T.V. concept & probably computer screens can also take same path for 3D gaming softwares. I really doubt if 2D video straming can be converted into 3D form at end point of T.V.. I guess separate video streaming for 3D shows will be required on T.V. channel at time of broadcasting.

Does any one has any idea about how the streaming of 3D video takes place? What sort of technology gets used in converting 2D video stream into 3D form?