Saturday, July 11, 2009

Money making ideas

Just to share few ideas of making money:

1. Although never tried personally but I met a man in U.S. who made a lot of money just by registering web site domain names of popular companies, brands, movies, T.V. shows etc. & then approaching those companies & selling them at higher price.

2. Garage Sale is a good option to sell out used & bulky stuffs while relocating in U.S. & to make some extra money.

3. You can sell out your unwanted books or audio/video CDs, DVDs at store outlets in U.S.

4. To sell out car on the spot, visit Car Max Outlets in U.S. Their site address is

5. There are lots of home based businesses running in U.S. One of them is by Auto Guard, California based company. One can opt for that by sending mail & cheque of some 20$ & they will send the detailed instructions booklet on how to make car anti theft alarm stickers & sell it to public or to Auto Guard. One can find more info of such type of home based businesses by visiting any public library of local county.

6. By joining membership of multi level marketing like AmWay. They have presence in U.S. as well as in India. I got first time introduced to it by one desi guy at Houston.

7. If you have hobbies of collecting coins/stamps then there are stores whom you can sell & make lots of money. Especially in Melbourne, Australia such stores are easily visible.

8. eBay has some outlets in Melbourne where you can sell your stuffs but it normally takes 3 weeks to get money. If you are putting some hand made arts/paintings on eBay for sell then you can make good money.

9. By taking work at

10. By taking work at

11. By writing the blogs. There are people who hires writers for writing blogs....

12. By investing in silver (290% returns in 5 years between 2003-2008)

13. Major events specific investments in shares like election, budget etc.

14. Shifting assets from based country's currency into major foreign currency like Dollar, Euro just 6-8 months before election & shifting it back to base currency at higher rate 2 weeks before election.

15. By investing in bank FDs, NSC, PPF, Mutual Funds, bonds etc.... For U.S. guys in bank CDs, High yield money markets, Mutual Funds etc.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Movie Reviews

New York (Hindi movie) - Being in U.S. at time of collapse of twin towers, I had got the chance to gauge the feelings of americans very nearly.. I was in Phoenix at that time & few of my colleagues were in NY & saw the plane hitting towers live & escaped narrowly in timing of coming out of WTC. After effects in terms of resentment & racism were there but never came right on to the face to us luckily. In one of the incidence, after couple of weeks has passed from 9/11, me & my room mate Ashutosh were driving in his Convertible Ford Mustang by keeping the roof open & playing music. Then one car having group of young guys passed us & they started shouting bad words at us & we were quick to realise our mistake that sentiments of these people are badly affected coz of incidence & better to maintain low profile for few more months.... Movie is also trying to say the same thing that it was the situation which was the problem & not the people or FBI... To protect interest of larger class of civilised people, a small set of suspects have faced injustice & poor treatment... Same way as innocent Shikh people were poorly treated after assasination of Indira Gandhi in India coz of resentment...

Love Story 2050 (Hindi) - Part before interval is in Adelaide, Australia. Then imagination of Mumbai in 2050 is shown. Shown some flying cars, robots, T.V. in air, interactive microwave etc. Nothing great in movie but good to see Adelaide city & have a feel of future technnologies.

Singh is King (Hindi) - Its bit comedy movie but personally didn't like much.

Cast Away (English) - This one has some unique story. Fedex Cargo plan crashes in Sea & one survivor lands up on a lonely island. There his fight for life begins & he lives for 2 & half years in Adam's age on that lonely island before returning back to his country. I liked the way they've shown him struggling hard to create fire & jumping with joys on succeding when fire gets generated after hours of hard work.

Born On July 4th (English) - This one is on Vietnam war & how injured army men gets poorly treated in U.S. hospitals. Also covers abt friendly firing & killing of innocent civilans n kids in the war.

Born to Free (English) - This movie is based on one true story in Kenya. Forest officer n his wife makes lion cubs as their pats after killing their parents who have turned man eaters. Whole movie is pretty cool. When 3 cubs grows, govt. asks them to shift to zoo. They send 2 & still keeps 1 until that lioness grows very young. Once she creates problems, so again govt. asks them to shift to zoo but officer's wife wants lioness to free in forest. So she can live more natural life. Then they starts trying hard to train lioness in hunting & making compatible for forest environment. So she can survive on her own. After 4-6 months of hard work they succeeds on same. Good movie to show it to kids.

Wolf Creek (English) - One of the state in Australia is western Australia where many people gets reported as missing every year. This movie is about story of 4 tourists who wants to explore wolf creek area in Western Australia. They come across a cruel psycho man who kills people by applying cruelty. There are some horrific scenes in the movie.

Cliff Hanger (English) - This one is a cool movie. Some bad people hijacks the plane carrying money & while transfering bags to other plane, it falls down in icy mountains. They try to chase for money & tries to use local rescurers for same by instilling fear of death. Eventually local rescurers win in fight against them. Some good scenes of rock climbing.

Gorillas in the Mist(English) is a 1988 film which tells the true-life story of naturalist Dian Fossey and her work in Rwanda with Mountain Gorillas. It was nominated for five Academy Awards. A Kentucky woman, Dian Fossey, is inspired by an anthropologist Louis Leakey to devote her life to the study of primates. Travelling into deepest Africa, Fossey becomes fascinated with the lives and habits of the rare mountain gorillas of the Rwandan jungle. She becomes so preoccupied with her vocation that she loses the opportunity of a romance with National Geographic photographer Bob Campbell. Appalled by the poaching of the gorillas for their skins, hands, and heads, Fossey complains to the Rwandan government, which dismisses her, claiming that poaching is the only means by which some of the Rwandan natives can themselves survive. She rejects this, and dedicates herself to saving the African Mountain gorilla from illegal poaching and likely extinction. To this end she forms and leads numerous anti-poaching patrols, and even burns down the poachers' villages and stages a mock execution of one of the offenders. Fossey is mysteriously murdered on December 26, 1985, in the bedroom of her cabin.