Saturday, July 11, 2009

Money making ideas

Just to share few ideas of making money:

1. Although never tried personally but I met a man in U.S. who made a lot of money just by registering web site domain names of popular companies, brands, movies, T.V. shows etc. & then approaching those companies & selling them at higher price.

2. Garage Sale is a good option to sell out used & bulky stuffs while relocating in U.S. & to make some extra money.

3. You can sell out your unwanted books or audio/video CDs, DVDs at store outlets in U.S.

4. To sell out car on the spot, visit Car Max Outlets in U.S. Their site address is

5. There are lots of home based businesses running in U.S. One of them is by Auto Guard, California based company. One can opt for that by sending mail & cheque of some 20$ & they will send the detailed instructions booklet on how to make car anti theft alarm stickers & sell it to public or to Auto Guard. One can find more info of such type of home based businesses by visiting any public library of local county.

6. By joining membership of multi level marketing like AmWay. They have presence in U.S. as well as in India. I got first time introduced to it by one desi guy at Houston.

7. If you have hobbies of collecting coins/stamps then there are stores whom you can sell & make lots of money. Especially in Melbourne, Australia such stores are easily visible.

8. eBay has some outlets in Melbourne where you can sell your stuffs but it normally takes 3 weeks to get money. If you are putting some hand made arts/paintings on eBay for sell then you can make good money.

9. By taking work at

10. By taking work at

11. By writing the blogs. There are people who hires writers for writing blogs....

12. By investing in silver (290% returns in 5 years between 2003-2008)

13. Major events specific investments in shares like election, budget etc.

14. Shifting assets from based country's currency into major foreign currency like Dollar, Euro just 6-8 months before election & shifting it back to base currency at higher rate 2 weeks before election.

15. By investing in bank FDs, NSC, PPF, Mutual Funds, bonds etc.... For U.S. guys in bank CDs, High yield money markets, Mutual Funds etc.

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