Monday, August 15, 2011

Advancing India

Well today is 15th August, Independence Day of India, so just thought of posting this note.

I’m around 36 years old & out of those, nearly 31 years I’ve stayed in India & I’ve closely watched & been involved in socio economic political religious technological etc. developments & changes happening in this country.

The beauty of this country is that it has delivered great thinkers in different domains whether it is spiritual, economic, social, businesses, technological or any other fronts. India has always been blessed with few good set of people in each sector who contributed a lot.

India is very vast & people are coming from so many different cultures & backgrounds that it is very difficult to understand the individual psychology & overall sociology. There are so many goodies each culture & tradition offers which can be adopted provided our eyes & minds are open to it.

So many great thinkers have written n no. of good books in past, present & in future also it will keep coming from India. In last decade, we’ve seen phenomenal growth in knowledge of common Indians that has changed their thoughts & life styles drastically.

I still remember those days when resources were scarce in most of the houses in India. Between 80s & 90s there were no T.V.s in any one’s flat in our building & hardly couple of cars. One of the reasons why people were so excited to see projected films during Ganpati festival… People were not having fan in all rooms & bulbs were there instead of tube lights in most of the rooms. Social issues were different at that time….. In news papers, news of “Sati”, dowry, child kidnappers, dacoits were common…. No one has heard of Cell phone term… Computers were available to see only in photos…. We all have come a long way indeed with lots of hard work & efforts…. We’ve created so many resources now that our youth has no reason to complain on that front… It will be a good idea if youth also joins hands with set of advancing mentalities & helps in moving this nation & its people forward…. At the end of the day, how you capitalize your skill strengths & build more on it in benefits of all with positive attitude in your center of focus & area of interest that’s what will eventually raise this nation towards excellence…. So it is very essential that you work towards building the excellence in your area of activities if you truly want to build excellent country on world’s map…

Reminds me this quote of some leader…

“Woods are dark & deep but I’ve promises to keep
& miles to go before I sleep & miles to go before I sleep”

God Bless India!!! Happy Independence Day!!!

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