Monday, April 26, 2010

Dangers of Bio fuel & finding Aliens

Well much has been said about bio fuel & how it will help in getting cheap energy. Other flip side of coin is that to produce bio fuel, lots of farm land & corps needs to get allocated. This can result in booming up of food prices & will drain away food resources for developing countries. So bio fuel consumption can turn into a risky affair for overall man kind.

There are some efforts going on in finding aliens living on other planets... I feel that even if man kind finds the aliens then it may not be in its own interest if found aliens turn out more intelligent & capable than human beings... Currently human beings are ruling among all animals but as soon as we discover aliens with superior power/capabilities or they discover us then that edge will go away. It can cause serious threats to our own existence if superior aliens start exhibiting evil intentions & actions on man kind....

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