Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visit 2 Harvard Univ. Campus & 1st exposure to iPad

There were 2 exciting things happened in mah life 2day.

First is I got a chance to visit Harvard university campus 2day which I wanted to do since a long after coming to Boston. Harvard university campus is pretty huge & I was barely able to cover much coz I was running short of time. Just saw college of world religions, Harvard extension school, memorial church & library buildings. In entrance area they've created Igloo to resemble presence of natives in early years of 1635.

Secondly, I been to a Galleria mall at Cambridge. Went to an Apple's store. I tried using Apple's newly launched iPad tablet PC. I was very amazed with their cool graphics. When I've opened the book reader software & started scrolling pages of a book, animation of turning page reminded me about the touch screen device which i came across in one museum at Melbourne. When I was going thru their Maps software, I just double clicked to zoom out the map. Then I was struggling to do reverse of zooming it back to actual size. Then I noticed that touch screen supports operation by finger & thumb. If you will bring first finger n thumb near by then maps will do zoom in & if you will take them apart then it starts zooming out. That was pretty cool thing.. iPad also supports iTunes as they have it in MacBooks. Safari is a software to browse internet & I just watched my this blog for first time on tablet PC. Even Youtube videos they support.. Other cool thing is if you rotate iPad device then your picture on screen also rotates accordingly. So you can see it horizontally also. They have many games installed on it... It has softwares for mails, Notes, To do, calendar, Pianno etc. It automatically pops up key board layout screen on lower one third area when editing is needed any where like entering web site address in address bar... Other good thing about iPad is that its battery lasts for almost 10 hours with single charge which is like 5 times than laptop.... Currently it costs 499$ (16GB), 599$ (32GB) & 699$ (64GB).. No wonder why its running out of stock... I think product is matured enough & worth buying at this price.... Apple is coming up with iPad+3G on April 30th in U.S. That will be great to have coz current one only supports wifi net connectivity but with 3G support internet will be available like cell phone signals & people can use it during traveling.

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