Sunday, January 18, 2009

Softwares download links

1. For PC to Phone:
a> Media Ring Talk for PC: This software offers free PC to Phone to 8 countries currently.
Click on "Sign up now" button below 8 countries flags.
b> Other similar type of dialer s/w from different vendor (This is not free)

2. File transfers using FTP protocol: Download filezilla software from

3. Download free IP Messenger:

4. Notepad++ can be downloaded from

5. DokuWiki is a great utility to create web based documentation library for your enterprise... It can be downloaded from

6. This one is for s/w application developers in .Net technologies [Web Matrix is a free alternative of Visual Studio.Net]

7. Again for s/w application developers in .Net technologies [VS.Net 2008 Trial Edition for free for 6 months]

8. One of the leading database backend product by Microsft. [SQL Server 2008 express edition for free]

9. Well you bet, this will never replace those tiny yellow sticky notes but still a cool thing to have its digital version as it allows setting alarm along with each yellow note.... Get free copy of Post-it notes software from

10. SQL Server 2005 installation has pre-requirements. Only after installing .Net framework 2.0 & windows installer 3.1, SQL Server 2005's installation starts. Windows installer 3.1 can be downloaded from and .Net framework 2.0 from or from

11. HTML Help Workshop is a software which gets used to create *.chm files (i.e. compiled HTML files). These files can be linked with HelpProvider control in .Net application. This software can be downloaded from

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