Thursday, February 5, 2009

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May 17, 09
Check out my article "FAQs (Frequently asked questions) on Time Management"

April 26, 09
Just purchased CD of 8 oscars winner movie "Slumdog Millionaire"... Movie has shown some hardcore realities. At some places it seems bit exagerrated like taking out eyes & all.. Overall it reflects the dark side of struggling life... Movie truly deserves the oscar as it touches many aspects of life...How religious conflicts leads kids to be orphans.. How struggleful the life is for orphans & basically it covers all negatives sides of human beings which arises in absence of money & love.. I also liked the fonts they've used for movie name in end... Its like english name with over line (way we do in hindi script)....

Feb 24, 09
Came across some sites for taxation & laws ->

Feb 17, 09
I watched Ghajini few days back & then came across this site promoted by Aamir. Well personally I didn't like Ghajini.... Its quite sick movie... This web site is a good initiative by him..

Feb 9, 09
I was watching one show on T.V. few days back. One desi guy has implemeted sort of garden using 6-7 PVC pipes. He has made holes in pipes to make space for plant to penetrate. Amazing thing was that all the plants were grown without soil. Only water & air was getting feeded to the plants. Same water was getting circulated thru all connected pipes using small electric motor & with help of gravitational force. The plants grown were really looking very rich... Later on while searching on net, I came to know about term Hydro Culture.. Its the technique which guy has used.. Couple of sites on same are:

Feb 5, 09
-> Upgraded quality of Cable TV... Cursing MTNL for losing internet.... Catching up with fren from U.S. visiting India on phone...

Feb 3, 09
-> Wasted time in reading Mhada's marathi instruction manual to conclude its useless scheme as one can't sell that property for 7 years & its a dead investment....

Feb 2, 09
-> was bit hectic day with work... Delivered work to the Client.

Feb 1, 09
-> Been to Oberoi mall & bought couple of Jeans from Central store.
-> Had gala time with family at Ruchi hotel near Royal Challenge.

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